Extinction Commandos - Join Us!

Join the fight to save the Earth

From this day forward, I will be posting new organizations and groups who have a unique and wonderful way to help save our species from EXTINCTION. Let’s start with PLANTING A TRILLION TREES by 2030 - with a wonderful network of global volunteers who manage to get a TREE planted for only ONE DOLLAR. Round Up your coffees at Starbucks and YOU can create dozens of TREES being planted all by yourself every month.

VISIT ONETREEPLANTED.ORG and give them some love.

Wonderful people with the GREATEST POSITIVE IMPACT on reducing the Green House Gases that we all produce every day which puts us one step closer to raising the temperature of this planet to deadly levels.

In future posts, I will have ways for you to recycle nearly everything in your home that you would normally throw into landfill. I will have compostable bags and straws, instead of tossing the 3 - 5 billion per day into the oceans, killing the life in the ocean that creates OXYGEN - which you may remember from that High School class you took is necessary for all of us to breathe in every day.

We’re going to connect you with amazing, wonderful, thoughtful, innovative people who have discovered ways to help reverse Global Warming such as Nzambe Matee, a 29 year old Chemist in Kenay who has pioneered a way to compress plastic bags now littering the ocean into Brick Pavers that are used in Construction.

Eventually, though YOUR efforts in the fight - we will turn things around and FORCE the global climate crisis into gradually going in the right direction - the survival of the Human race and all other living things. BUT - to have a real shot at this - WE MUST ALL START DOING SOMETHING TODAY - (Actually Yesterday - but yesterday is gone. Must make sure there will always be a tomorrow.)