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On this Blog and Vlog (Hopefully Soon) we will be highlighting the easiest ways to involve the entire Human Race - and this includes you - into doing SOMETHING every day to help save our planet. The Secretary General of the United Nations said a few days ago, that our situation is critical and EVERYONE needs to DO SOMETHING every day to help reduce and eventually ELIMINATE their carbon footprint. We all have one. There is no way out of that. If you’re breathing, you’re making CO2. If you get a car even an electric one, you are creating CO2. If you cook your food or buy new clothes or turn on your computer, you are creating CO2. What we will do here is expose new ways daily that you can help REDUCE your CO2 production and even ways to MORE than compensate for it, thus having a POSITIVE impact on the Earth instead of a negative one.

Even more importantly - in order to MAXIMIZE your positive impact on the planet, we will have ways for you to SHARE what you are doing and ENLIST OTHERS who you know to JOIN US - We will take no prisoners or give no mercy. We are the Extinction Commandos.

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